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The new beginning - Part 1

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The new beginning - Part 1 Empty The new beginning - Part 1

Post by eneskristo on Sat Oct 19, 2013 7:16 pm

I was a machine. A machine amongst others. But when I watched them, I noticed; they were doing monotonous movements, like they were forced, while I, I was free, to move, to control it. I was the master of the world. Only a non-living one. I was becoming sadder, melancholic, dead. It was a fight, between them and me. But not a fight of strength, but a fight of power, of life-force, on which one was me. Then I woke up.

I was having terrible dreams lately. Dreams like that made me fear sleep. But there is a life beyond sleep, a life for me to enjoy, before sleep caught me once again in its ruin. I wore my clothes, and prepared for school. I didn’t enjoy it though. Not for the reason many children do, I loved learning, but there, I learned unusable stuff. I was, as in my dreams, a master of number and machines. Not of chemical reactions and momentum. I lazily sat on my desk, and started thinking. The minutes past, and the bell rang.

Boring hours, tiring hours, long hours, one after another. Then I went to my home. I started doing 2 things I could enjoy, programing and dueling. The thrill of destroying Dragon Rulers with decks weaker then they, delocking the Infernity lock, laughing on the face of Ophion. And then, creating a Ophion of my own. Remaking everything from the start. And then I slept. Terrible dreams once again. I sensed it, I was becoming a robot. A machine, with no other purpose, other than to survive.

Until that day came. It would be the cornerstone of the human history, the dawn of the era. This story is to explain how it all started, and how it all ended. As every day, I went to school. But strangely, I felt more tired than usual. So, I decided I’d take a hour off. And for that, I chose the 4th period to start. The clock slowly was going to noon. Then I restarted having the dream. The bad dream. But in another way. This time, I was a human, not a machine. There was a gateway of light. A beckoning light. I wanted to go there, but the machines were pulling me back. At first I resisted, but then, I decided, I’d give in. And they pulled me. Then the light turned red. A fiery red. As if it was a masked hell. The machines protected me. And then I woke up. And I saw the class. It was dead.


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The new beginning - Part 1 Empty Re: The new beginning - Part 1

Post by Jakxlll on Sun Oct 20, 2013 8:39 am

2 notes on that one

1.if i remember correctly its the first time we death is openly mentioned in yugioh as most of the time we had sth like soul taken,remained into another dimmension or brought back as a dark sgner
2.Boy,that escalated quickly.

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