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An invention: Karakuri Spam

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An invention: Karakuri Spam

Post by eneskristo on Thu Sep 05, 2013 2:24 pm

I've bet you have all heard about karakuri. There's karakuri geargia, Tele kuri, OTK karakuri, etc. They all spam. Big time. But they are set norms. If you want karakuri to work, you are forced to use one of these versions. The story starts at about 1 month ago. I was working on a project to save dragon rulers from the banlist(They managed to without my help). And I saw it. Number 42. I thought of the uses. The first one was galaxy rulers, but I left it as a project. I mean, I'd wait for the list. And the list was bad for what I planned. Really bad. So back to other ideas(I was planning this before the list). Then, after a few duels. I dueled telekuri. I had read a bit about them. Then i thought, 3 bureido!!!! I wanted to build a dragon version of it, but then i settled for pure karakuri. Now to start with the combo.
1. Set a field with 2 level 7 monsters and a karakuri barrel.(Try to make it possible for it to be the only karakuri in you field, hand or grave. You want 2 in the deck). You can use Machina fortress or Redox(The latter is recommended, the former to be sided along with imperial iron wall)
2. XYZ summon number 42
3. Use eff. Don't afraid of veiler. An opponent will spend it at the burei's.
4. Summon 3 Bureido and a Karakuri Strategist. Change strategist to defense, and draw 3.
5. XYZ the three bureido into Giantrainer. DRAW ANOTHER 3!!!!
6. Set whatever traps/mst you have. I'd recomment cash shed.
7. Wait for a exodius, the ultimate forbidden lord in the following turns.
8. Wait for your opponent to ragequit.
9. Start over.
OK, what about if it isn't the first turn? COMBO NUMBER 2.
1. Do all of the above till point 4.
2. XYZ Felgrand, the divine dragon knight, and a star eater. Do this in MP2, to land some damage first. And summon barrel in defense if posible.

Any questions? PM me! I will later write about the tech.

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